Challenge Course

At Life Adventure Center we recognize the value of a unified team.

A successful team is a group of many hands, but one mind. We know that the process of reaching that unity can be a challenge. We give your group the tools needed to become a more effective team.


Our professional facilitators encourage each participant to make healthy choices for themselves, allowing them to choose their own level of participation while continually staying committed to and supportive of their team. We believe that success is NOT determined  by achievement, but by your willingness to try.



Outdoor Adventure

Our experienced staff use the natural classroom to facilitate ground-breaking programming, all while providing the adventure of a lifetime.


No Gear? No Experience? No Problem! At Life Adventure Center we offer Outdoor Adventures that include backpacking, canoing, team-building, and many other activities that cater to all groups including families, teens, schools, churches, corporations, and much more. Enjoy the best that nature has to offer.



At Life Adventure Center our dynamic team of experienced professionals are excited to work with youth, adults, and organizations. Our staff shares a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to serve others.


Our equestrian center has both an indoor and outdoor arena that makes riding lessons and other activities possible in all types of weather. No prior experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and have fun!



Environmental Education

Rich in ecological diversity, our properties are full of wildlife and opportunities to learn about the environment. The Marion Lindsey Bird Blind offers exceptional views of birds, mammals, and insects!


Our professional facilitators and educators engage participants in playful learning. Lessons are custom designed to meet your group's specific learning goals.