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Experiential Education

So Much More Than Just Outdoor Fun

Experiential Education and its more specific related fields of Outdoor Education and Adventure Education represent theories of learning which create the basis for all Life Adventure Center's programs. Based on the theories of Case Western's Drs. David Kolb and Ron Fry, our programs are carefully crafted to challenge the participant to physically, emotionally and intellectually engage in problem solving execises that "puts them outside of their comfort zone." Through professionally guided "debriefing" sessions, participants process the experience, gleaning important lessons that transfer into their every-day life.


Simply put, Life Adventure Center changes lives thru outdoor adventureWe combine evidence-based theories of experiential education, group dynamics, psychology, meditation, neuro-plasticity, equine assisted learning/psychotherapy, challenge course and outdoor adventure to build resiliency, communication, teambuilding and leadership skills.  So much more than mere mere fun outdoors (but make no mistake, we have a TON of fun!)- our innovative outdoor adventures employ a guided “debriefing” process to achieve life-changing, break-thru transformations. Our programs help PTSD veterans heal, military families reconnect, and impoverished kids build resilience.

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Challenge Course

Challenge Course At The Life Adventure Center we recognize the value of a unified team. A successful team is a group of many hands, but of one mind. We also recognize that the  process of reaching that unity can be a challenge. The Life Adventure Ce...

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Buckley Trails

 Our scenic trails at Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary are calling YOU to come experience them for yourself! Your pets are welcome to enjoy the trails with you... but please: on a leash.

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