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Trauma & Healing

Here at Life Adventure Center, we believe that nature is one of the greatest sources of healing from trauma, which is exactly what some of our participants are looking for when they come here. We offer a place of rest for those needing a sanctuary from whatever is troubling them and also a place to connect with people dealing with similar, challenging circumstances.

We work with groups from veterans with PTSD to women who have been rescued from human trafficking.

Through meditation, reflection, and the use of our programming, these participants are able to find inner strength to overcome whatever challenge they may find themselves facing, and also start to let go of whatever pain is holding them back. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the incredible men, women, and chidren who come through this side of our programming and help them start to heal and find peace.

Please explore these videos for a mere sampling of how we use outdoor experiences to help heal trauma. 

Program Highlight: Horses Heal Refuge for Women Clients: 

Did you know that horses are great for working with people who suffer from trauma? Our Residents get a chance on a regular basis as part of the program to do work with horses and learn some amazing lessons. Check out this video from our partnership with Life Adventure Center that we have enJOYed for several years. ~From Ked Frank, Executive Director of Refuge for Women.

Adverse Childhood Experiences ("ACEs"). This excerpt from the documentaries "Paper Tigers", and "Resilience" shows how childhood traums creates physical as well as mental health issues later in life. Studies show that building resilience holds the key to help kids recover from childhood trauma and prevent these issues later in life.  Studies also show that Life Adventure Center's unique brand of "outdoor adventure therapy" achieves statistically significant increases in resiliency (as measured by the Connor-Davidson Resilience scale) over accelerated time lines.   Thus Life Adventure Center's unique camps and retreats help kids heal from trauma! 

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Buckley Trails

 Our scenic trails at Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary are calling YOU to come experience them for yourself! Your pets are welcome to enjoy the trails with you... but please: on a leash.

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Team & Corporate Challenge

At Life Adventure Center, we recognize the value of a unified team. A successful team is a group of many hands with one purpose. We also recognize the process of reaching that unity can be a challenge.

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