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Underserved Youth

Here at Life Adventure Center, one of our main focuses is serving youth who may not have the same opportunities as other kids due to challenging circumstances. We are so honored to have the privilege and be in the position to offer these kids the opporunities to experience life change and lessons in resiliency through our many areas of programming from our equine area to challenge course and more. If you know of a group that we could serve, please contact us at 859-873-3271. 

Adverse Childhood Experiences ("ACEs").  This excerpt from the documentaries "Paper Tigers" and "Resilience" shows how childhood trauma creates physical as well as mental health issues later in life.  Studies show that building resilience holds the key to help kids recover from childhood trauma and prevent these issues later in life.  Studies also show that Life Adventure Center's unique brand of "outdoor adventure therapy" achieves statistically significant increases in resiliency (as measured by the Connor-Davidson Resilience scale) over accelerated time lines.  Thus, Life Adventure Center's unique camps and retreats help kids heal from trauma.) 

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Challenge Course

Challenge Course At The Life Adventure Center we recognize the value of a unified team. A successful team is a group of many hands, but of one mind. We also recognize that the  process of reaching that unity can be a challenge. The Life Adventure Ce...

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Buckley Trails

 Our scenic trails at Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary are calling YOU to come experience them for yourself! Your pets are welcome to enjoy the trails with you... but please: on a leash.

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