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Outdoor Adventure

No gear? No experience? No problem!

At Life Adventure Center, we offer outdoor adventures  that include backpacking, canoeing, team-building, and many other activities that cater to any group. Our experienced staff use the great outdoors as a natural classroom to facilitate groundbreaking programming, all while providing the adventure of a lifetime. Our certified instructors will handle location, planning, and instruction while following the best environmental practices. So relax and let LAC plan your next outdoor adventure!

The Life Adventure Center's Outdoor Adventure Programs reach into many different areas throughout the United States including:

  • Survival Shelter Building at Land Between the Lakes
  • Whitewater Canoeing down Big South Fork River
  • Rockclimbing Adventures in the Red River Gorge 
  • Backcountry Mountain Biking on Our Own 575 Acre Property 

All of the outdoor adventure programming options at Life Adventure Center can be customized to your group's needs. Whether the focus be teambuilding, communication, or just experiencing an adventure outside of your norm, LAC has the ability to create a memorable experience for you and your group. All of our activities can range from just a few hours to several days in a variety of locations.

Group Program Pricing

Half Day - Standard Pricing 

$60 Per Participant/ Group Begins with 8+

45% Student Discount

30% Nonprofit Discount

* Off- Site Pricing varies

Full Day -Standard Pricing 

$120 Per Participant/ Group Begins with 8+

45% Student Discount

30% Nonprofit Discount 

*Off-Site Pricing varies

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Buckley Trails

Our Buckley nature trails are open to the public Wednesday through Sunday and welcome you to explore! Your pets are welcome to enjoy the trails with you on a leash with a human attached to the other end.

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Team & Corporate Challenge

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