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Challenge Course

Challenge Course

At The Life Adventure Center we recognize the value of a unified team. A successful team is a group of many hands, but of one mind. We also recognize that the  process of reaching that unity can be a challenge. The Life Adventure Center uses outdoor activities, such as our Challenge Course, to teach self confidence, team building, and leadership.

On our 575-acre farm, our Challenge Course acts as a resource for your group to explore individual and group strengths, think outside of the box, face fears, and improve group dynamics. Our professional facilitators engage participants in interactive play on and above the ground. These challenges are custom designed to meet specific needs within the group! Each participant plays a vital role in the group’s success, thus creating a stronger, unified team.

Group Program Pricing:

Our half day (2-4hr) and full day (4-8hr) programs are designed to work with groups of 8-30 people. 

Half Day - Standard

$60.00 Per Participant (8 = Min Group Size)

45% Student Discount

30% Nonprofit Discount

Full Day - Standard

$120.00 Per Participant (8 = Min Group Size)

45% Student Discount

30% Nonprofit Discount

During Your Adventure You Will:

  • Participate in a combination of problem solving activities on or near the ground ("Low Initiatives") and/or challenges while suspended as high as 40 feet in the air ("High Ropes Intiatives")
  • Learn important life lessons as you take opportunities to work with your peers to accomplish challenges and seemingly impossibly tasks.
  • Build more effective communications skills, and take time to communicate your expectations and needs with fellow participants.
  • Set individual and team goals.
  • Implement problem-solving skills by taking risks in a safe and supportive environment. Build fast, effective decision-making skills and initiate successful group discussions. Participate in reflective conversations throughout the day that will allow you to pull meaning and learning from your experiences.
  • Be presented with opportunities to make healthy choices for yourself about your level of participation. Our facilitators will never force you to do anything. Instead they will encourage you to challenge yourself and set healthy boundaries when you feel you have reached your limits. You can expect your team to encourage and support you through this process. Your success is not determined by achievement, but your willingness to try.

Low Course:

  • A series of ground-level problem-solving initiatives in the woods designed to encourage creative thinking, productive communication, and building trust with others. This is the heart of our Challenge Course, as it provides a rich framework to allow participants to transfer the lessons learned in their experience to “real-life.”

High Course:

  • A climbing wall, zip line, eight elements, and giant swing all 40 feet in the air. The exhilaration felt while traversing on the course helps individuals conquer perceived limits. Valuable lessons on risk-taking, confidence building, group support, and encouragement will have a lasting effect on all participants.

Challenge Course Mobile Unit

  • If you're unable to visit our farm, we can come to you. Many of our programs have mobile components that encourage participants to explore effective means of communication, develop leadership abilities, and work as an effective team. Our facilitators will gather information from you through conversation and a survey to help better understand the dynamics of your group, what your goals for the group are, and the specific needs of your group. This information will help us select activities appropriate for your group.
  • Mobile units can operate in a one-day session or in multi-week sessions. We can work with many different types and sizes of spaces. Some activities may require running and obstacle course-type situations; enough space is required for your group to complete these comfortably. A gym, cafeteria, large classroom, or outdoors are all acceptable.
  • Pricing varies depending on the programming and the number of participants.


What is a challenge course (and isn't it called a ropes course?)

It is entirely possible to go through an entire “ropes course” experience without ever actually seeing a rope. Because “ropes course” doesn’t actually represent what we do on our course, we call it a “challenge course” instead. A challenge course experience consists of a series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork skills and individual commitment. Parts of our challenge course are constructed of rope, cables, and wood, but depending on the needs of a specific group, those elements may or may not be used. Courses are constructed outdoors in trees (or using telephone poles). Many ropes course experiences take place completely on the ground, while others have opportunities to climb.

How safe is a ropes course?

Your safety is our primary concern. It is very difficult for people to have fun if someone is injured. Consequently, our course facilitators have been trained in the standards and procedures that make this course safe. Our safety policy is congruent with and adheres to a strict industry standard and includes regular examination of all ropes course practices. Life Adventure Center is a member in good standing with the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and our course is inspected and run according to their standards. 

What should I wear or not wear?

The only time we are not on the course is when it is unsafe to be there—when lightening is in the area. These are the essentials: a good, sturdy shoe or boot. Don’t wear a shoe that has no traction. We do not allow open-toed shoes or sandals on the course. Wear something that is comfortable. (Tennis shoes are a great choice). Wear pants that are flexible and will not rip or tear. Jeans, sweatpants, and twill pants are all fine as long as they are durable and not too tight. Dress in layers. The weather may fluctuate and so will your body temperature. The best way to dress for this is to dress in layers. Wear a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, then some sort of shell (windbreaker). Remember, we will be active, therefore you don’t want too much bulk. On a cold day, you may want to wear long underwear. Please do not wear jewelry. Bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, or other items may be dangerous for you and others in your group. Don’t wear anything that you don’t want soiled. We can get dirty out there.

What if the weather is bad?

Bad weather? We never have it. It is very possible that we will be out on the course in the rain. Courses are not canceled because of rain; they just get to be more fun…that is, if you are prepared with a rain jacket! Consider wearing a hat. A baseball hat can keep the sun off your head on hot days and a fleece hat can be pulled over your ears on cold days. If it is colder, it would be a good idea to wear gloves or mittens.

For further information or book your group experience now: please contact our registrar, Kathy "Kat" Miller at 859-873-3271, kathy@lifeadventurecenter.org or following this link to our Booking Form to make your reservation now!


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