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Conservation Efforts

Conservation Efforts

Life Adventure Center proudly maintains a reputation for superior and innovative land stewardship practices, earning the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife "Conservation Business Partner of the Year" award. We continue to honor this legacy through several conservation efforts.

Our managers, biologists, and educators completed extensive surverys and consultations with the Kentucky Division of Forestry to develop a comprehensive Forest Stewardship Plan. The plan addressed critical needs: improving habitat and biodiversity while addressing infestation issues. In addition to improving the health of the center's flora and fauna, our efforts enhance visitors' experiences, educational opportunities and safety.

Habitat Improvements

Working closely with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, LAC completed a multi-year program of habitat improvements. Among other efforts, we:

  • Re-introduced acres of native grasses and wildflowers-- promoting wildlife populations with better cover, quality of nesting areas, travel lanes, and nutrition.
  • Aggressively removed invasive species like Bush Honeysuckle. Escaping from ornamental plantings during the 1920's, this fast growing nuisance-plant dominates forest undergrowth, choking out native plant species, reducing biodiversity, and increasing risks to our woodland's health.

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Challenge Course

Challenge Course At The Life Adventure Center we recognize the value of a unified team. A successful team is a group of many hands, but of one mind. We also recognize that the  process of reaching that unity can be a challenge. The Life Adventure Ce...

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Buckley Trails

 Our scenic trails at Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary are calling YOU to come experience them for yourself! Your pets are welcome to enjoy the trails with you... but please: on a leash.

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Military Programming

LIFE ADVENTURE CENTER WARRIOR ADVENTURE PROGRAM MTAC (Military Teen Adventure Camps)  The staff at Life Adventure Center know that the family unit is just as important as the returning Heroes themselves.  That's why our Military Teen Adventure Camp...

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