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The Mountain Biking trails at the Life Adventure Center property are closed until further notice. This is to ensure our patron's safety while we remove dead Ash trees from the property. We apologize for any inconvenience.

*Subject to change. To be absolutely sure, call the LAC office at (859)873-3271.

Mt. Biking Trails at Life Adventure Center Location:



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Pedestrian Hiking Trails at Buckley Sanctuary Location:


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We apologize for the mess, Ash Tree Salvage Logging in process.


A destructive species native to Asia and Eastern Russia, the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle was un-intentionally introduced to the United States in 2002, devastating millions of Ash Trees throughout the region. Unfortunately, The Life Adventure Center's Ash Trees are heavily infested and have suffered a massive “die-back.”  To prevent risk to our patrons as well as an overwhelming load of dead trees damaging the property we need to selectively log the property's infested trees. Every effort will be employed to reduce disturbance to wildlife and our visitors’ experience during logging operations.


Similarly, land restoration efforts will begin immediately following tree removal.  Your patience, understanding and support are appreciated during this challenging process of

healing our woodlands!

How to Identify Emerald Ash Borer

How to Identify Ash Trees